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Sump Pump Repair

A sump pump removes rain or drains water that has accumulated in the sump pump basin and drains it into the drain pipe. The basic objective of a sump pump, which is typically found in basements, is to remove any water surrounding the foundation or under the building. 

Sump Pump Repair, Shelburne

Prevention is essential for ensuring that your sump pump works correctly in the case of severe or heavy rainfall. Between major storms, it is recommended that all homeowners examine their sump pumps to ensure that they are operating properly.

To see if your sump pump is working, remove the sump pump lid and fill the basin with a few liters of water to see if the pump engages. When a sump pump is working properly, it will automatically activate, drain the basin, and then turn off. If you encounter any difficulties when testing the pump, have one of our 5-star professional plumbers inspect it to determine if any repairs are required. Irregular cycling, as well as odd noises or vibrations, are all signs that sump pump repair might be necessary.

Sump Pump Maintenance, Shelburne

A sump pump, like any other mechanical device, will require maintenance to avoid failure. Every year, the sump pump must be inspected. Pumps that run regularly as a result of a greater water level around the foundation or adverse weather should be inspected more frequently.

The check valve on a sump pump acts as a barrier, preventing water from flowing backward into the basin. Unfortunately, the check valve is one component that is frequently neglected by homeowners. A sump pump would be continually pumping out water if it did not have a properly functioning check valve. To minimize an unexpected flood, it is always recommended to change a check valve during normal maintenance or replace a sump pump whole.

Install New Sump Pump or Sump Pump Replacement, Shelburne

Even well-maintained sump pumps have a shelf life of around 10 years, and this can be cut even shorter if the equipment is used seldom. You may require a sump pump replacement if you have not maintained, replaced or managed your pump in the previous ten years or if your pump is giving issues frequently. 


What is the average lifespan of a sump pump?

Sump pumps typically have a 10-year lifespan. Sump pumps should be updated every 7 to 10 years on average. Repairing an older sump pump would cost about the same as replacing it, with a substantially lower return on your investment.

What is the purpose of a sump pump?

Sump pumps are used in basements when flooding is a common occurrence. They are used to get rid of moisture if the water table is higher than a house’s foundation.

How often should your sump pump be cleaned?

Sump pumps should be cleaned and checked every three to four months in most circumstances. This entails removing and cleaning the intake screen (also known as the pump screen). However, your sump pump may benefit from more frequent cleanings in some instances.

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