In the northern part of Barrie, the neighborhood of Cundles East may be found to the east of Bayfield Street and the Bayfield business district. Cundles Road East creates a clear demarcation between the northern and southern parts of the region. The St. Vincent Street serves as the boundary to the east. A large number of cul-de-sacs and crescent streets make up this neighborhood, which is largely comprised of single-family detached houses. In addition, there are park spaces and mature trees in the vicinity. Check this out

Your children have the opportunity to receive an excellent education in this community, which is home to five public schools and five Catholic schools.

Within the boundaries of this neighborhood are no less than 5 parks and other community leisure facilities, making it a veritable “park heaven.” Learn more here

It is convenient to navigate about the neighborhood because to the presence of 13 transport stops at street level.

This neighborhood provides a convenient environment for doing errands thanks to the abundance of stores, services, and other conveniences.

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