It may seem like a simple matter to fix a leaky faucet, but before you know it, you’re up to your waist in water from who knows where. DIY is great when it’s possible, but when it comes to toilets and sinks, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Water damage from these fixtures can quickly spread through a home and be difficult to notice if not done by a professional.

On a daily basis, the typical American household consumes about 300 gallons of water. There is a great deal of danger concealed behind your walls due to leaks and other pipe issues.

In the event that your do-it-yourself plumbing attempt ends in disaster, it’s time to call a professional plumber. next article


Having no access to water may turn any day become Monday. You should notify your neighbors and a plumber if you wake up to nothing more than a leak. In the event that other nearby residents are experiencing the same issue, a plumber can advise you on who to contact.

If it’s only at your house, you probably want a plumber to come out right away and fix it. Loss of water supply is an early indicator that something is really wrong.

There are several potential causes of water outages, including pipe freezing, significant leaks, backups, and difficulties with the water main. Someone may have accidentally shut off your water supply or there may be a leak in the pipe leading to your property.

Your home’s foundation and structural integrity might be seriously compromised by these leaks, and you could rack up a hefty water bill if the problem persists. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that repairing a leak can save water costs by as much as 10 percent.

There are a few edge scenarios that you should be aware of as well. It might be a problem with the water heater if you have cold water but no hot water. If water is running on one floor but not another, there may be a pressure issue that may be fixed with some inexpensive tools.


Hot water shortages are commonplace when children take long showers, but it’s unacceptable if it always takes several hours for water to heat up. If your water heater is always malfunctioning and you never have enough hot water, you should have a professional take a look at it.

The person you’re working with in plumbing can assist you diagnose the problem. It may be something major, or it might be something little. However, if the pilot light keeps going out, you may have a leak or some other problem.

If your water tank is too small, you might run out of hot water before you finish a shower. If you need assistance deciding on a tank size, finding one, or having it installed, as well as testing the breaker or addressing any of a number of other minor difficulties that may arise, call a professional plumber.

If you have a problem with sudden temperature shifts, a licensed plumber can help you figure out why. After adjusting the temperature of a malfunctioning shower, you could get gravely burnt if the water suddenly goes from freezing cold to scalding hot.

Expert inspection of igniters, fuses, thermostats, heating elements, pipelines, and more should be performed if danger is imminent.

You have a sweating water heater.

Sweating or “weeping” from a water heater usually indicates a gradual but persistent leak. When most of us first notice it, it’s because we had to go check the pilot light or were standing in a moist area close to the water heater.

Pipe or casing cracks are the source of even the smallest leaks, and they always worsen over time. Repair costs may be kept to a minimum and inconvenience to a minimum if these issues are detected early.

In addition to these warnings, keep an eye out for:

Water heater or plumbing that has developed rust stains

Water heater corrosion

A considerable quantity of water collecting in the drip pan or adjacent

If you see any of these, it may be time to call a plumber. Water heater maintenance or replacement is a low-cost way to keep your house safe.

Plumbers should also check for gas leaks and other electrical concerns when called for this sort of inspection. Although a leak may be detected by yourself by spraying soapy water on the line and searching for bubbles when the gas is turned off, it is easy to overlook the indicators of a leak until it is too late.

If you know when to call a plumber, they can fix these issues and save them from becoming serious hassles.


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