Residents of Barrie, the County of Simcoe, and the surrounding areas are served by the regional public art gallery known as the MacLaren Art Centre located at 37 Mulcaster St, Barrie, ON L4M 3M2, Canada. The gallery has a year-round schedule of world-class exhibits, educational programs, and special events, and it also houses a permanent collection of modern Canadian art that is held in trust for the benefit of the public.

The MacLaren is located in the heart of downtown Barrie, in a structure that has won several accolades. This historically significant building is a combination of a Carnegie library that was built in 1917 and a more recent extension that was designed by Siamak Hariri of Hariri Pontarini Architects. The MacLaren Art Centre calls the building it occupies home, and it is owned by the City of Barrie. The complex features a number of galleries, a gift store and café, as well as an education center and a plaza filled with sculptures. Donations are welcome but not required to enter. The structure can be accessed by those using wheelchairs. Parking is accessible immediately nearby. Check this Out

The MacLaren is a visual arts centre that serves as a pillar of culture for the city of Barrie. It contributes to the social, intellectual, artistic, and economic fabric of the communities that are spread out over Barrie and the surrounding region. It is an important gathering spot, a site where people come from all over the province to spend their vacations, and a driving force behind the renovation of the downtown area, all of which contribute to the prosperity and vitality of this region. The MacLaren is dedicated to fostering the growth of communities in Simcoe County that are lively, healthy, and creative.

The MacLaren is a registered charity that is administered by a volunteer board made up of influential members of the community. It is maintained by thirteen full-time staff members, in addition to part-time/contract employees and artist teachers, and over 220 active volunteers. The City of Barrie, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts all contribute financially to the Gallery’s cultural programming on a yearly basis. Earned earnings, corporate sponsorships, proceeds from special events, and the wonderful assistance of individuals, service clubs, and local companies make up the rest of the funding. Read this next

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